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Consolidated Legislation

We have prepared informal consolidated versions of some key environmental legislation.

These are published here subject to the understanding that we do not warrant that they are comprehensive. There is a possibility that we may have missed some amendments, and accordingly any person proposing to rely on these consolidations does so at his / her own risk. Before taking any action, we strongly recommend that you check the Irish Statute Book to verify the amendments are correct and to check for any additional changes. We regret that we can accept no liability for any reliance placed on these documents: they are published to assist those attempting to negotiate what the Supreme Court has referred to as “the statutory maze” in which even the most experienced can sometimes get lost. (O’Connell v. EPA, [2003] 1 IR530.)


Waste Management Acts Consolidation 1996-2013

EPA Acts 1992 – 2013

(Note: EPA Act was updated on 8 October 2013 to correct an error in S98A(2)(b).)


These documents are made available pursuant to the European Communities (ReUse of Public Sector Information) Regulations 2005 (SI No 279 of 2005) under the terms of a Licence at . They are copyright (c) Government of Ireland, and sourced from the website of the Attorney General (

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