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We carry out enforcement of environmental law for the Environmental Protection Agency and Laois County Council, through prosecution in the District Court, and injunctive relief in the Circuit Court and High Court. We bring a high level of skill and expertise to bear to obtain injunctions. We also enforce planning law for the Council, again by prosecution and injunction. Whether it is a polluting factory, painting the skies red, or a piggery filling the fields with slurry, or a quarry threatening endangered species, we have been involved in the actions to stop the offenders and have them punished. Air pollution, water pollution, unlawful disposal and recovery of waste, transfrontier shipment of waste, waste water treatment plants: all come within the range of subjects on which we have taken enforcement action. A certain forensic approach to factual issues, attention to detail, and a rigorous knowledge of the legal provisions and potential technical defences are, we believe, the key to success in this area.

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