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There are many things which can go wrong when buying a house: deeds may not be registered;  defects in title may not be noticed; old mortgages may not be paid off and discharged; stamp duty may not be paid; and documents may not be returned to the bank for safe keeping, and may turn out years later to have been mislaid. There have even been cases where houses have been mortgaged to several banks, sale money has not been paid over to the vendor, and the solicitor in question has absconded, leaving his insurer to cover the loss – if the insurance policy is not void. As a general rule, defects can be rectified eventually – at least in the absence of outright fraud. But as a purchaser, you may not even know there is a problem until, years later, you come to sell. In an era of uncertainty and falling prices, the resulting delay can cost money and may lose you the sale.

You need someone to do a good, solid job on your house purchase, to make sure the title is good and the registration is completed, and to pay over your money where and when it should be paid. When selling, you need someone who can identify defects and deal with them before the contract goes out. Our conveyancing is carried out by qualified solicitors who are trained to spot defects and who are dedicated to pursuing each transaction until everything has been done. We do not claim to be the cheapest, because we do not believe a cut-price service is a good service – and where something as important as your home is concerned, you need the confidence that the job will be done properly and efficiently and that your solicitor will remain in contact with you through the process..

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